Donation save taxes

Your Car Donation Could Help Shelter Pets in Need and Provide a Tax Break for You

When my accountant asked me if I would donate my car to a local charitable organization, I was hesitant. First of all, I didn’t know much about car donations.

My accountant explained that not only could I get a decent tax deduction, but my unwanted car could help a cause that I care deeply about: saving homeless dogs and cats. Thinking my car could do that made me feel pretty good inside.

Also, I would be getting rid of a broken down car that I really didn’t want or need. As a matter of fact, one particular car in our driveway right now needs a rebuilt transmission and would cost several thousand dollars to repair. Not to mention the insurance, registration, inspection and other fees I’ll have to pay on it in the coming months.

The thought of selling it myself was not appealing. Having to deal with listing it online taking  calls and dealing with countless characters in order to find a legitimate buyer would take weeks or months and a trade-in was not a reat option – even if the dealer would take it.

A Car donation would solve these issues right away and provide me a way to get rid of the vehicle quickly and at no cost, I called CARDONATIONANGELS.ORG AT (833) 772-2632 and they picked it up the next day.

The tax deduction provided by your car donation to charity may be substantial. 

The final value of my donation was over $4,000.00 which is a great tax deduction for me and my family.