We Make it Simple for you To Donate Car

It is hard to let go of a beloved old car that is beyond even a trade-in. Sending it right to the junk yard can be heart wrenching. Selling it can be frustrating too.

Even though making a car donation to a charity might seem like a lot of  work, your generosity can really help out a worthy cause. Making a car donation to charity is a better alternative than a direct trip to the junk heap or dealing with selling nightmares.

CARDONATIONANGELS.ORG runs it’s own program and that means higher tax breaks and more funding for homeless pets. This is unlike most of the ads that you see everywhere that offer to help you make a car donation which are middle-men that give only a fraction of the car’s value to charity.

Most cars (or boats) donated to charity are either resold or used by the organization for it’s charitable purpose. Cardonationangels.org will provide you with a donation letter for your tax records. If you would like to know more, our tax deduction experts are available for a free consultation by calling (833) 772-2632.