Rescued Pets Through Car Donations

Mikey – an 8 year-old Silky Terrier that came to us with severe mange. He had been neglected by his owner’s caretaker, while the owner was in a nursing home because of Alzheimer’s. Mikey required multiple daily medications and 3 weekly baths, and towards the end of his treatments he was adopted by a great family.

Sugar – an 8 year-old miniature pinscher who was found on the streets. She was nearly dead because she was so emaciated. Animal Control asked us to take the dog to save her life, and we did. After extensive medical care and rehabilitation, she is now fat & happy! She lived at our rescue for over a year until she found her special adopter came who was willing to deal with some of her quirks. She now lives happily with 2 other dogs in her new forever home.

Gina – a 4 year-old Cocker Spaniel who was found as a stray. Gina was special because she has only 3 legs! She found her forever home and can run and jump just as well as the rest of them!

Charlie – one of many small mixed breed dogs came from a hoarder with over 80 dogs in the city. We found homes for most of the dogs, but Charlie was extremely un-socialized. He was terrified of people and the leash. After almost a year of socialization and training, Charlie was much better, but still not completely socialized. Finally, a young couple came and fell in love with him. They knew he had some issues, but they took him anyway. With a lot of love, patience, and understanding, Charlie is the best dog they have ever had!

Barbie – was one of 80 dogs living in a hoarder’s house. She was the oldest dog there, and had a growth between her toes that required very delicate surgery. She fully recovered and was learning the basics like leash walking when a wonderful veterinarian from out of state came and adopted her, giving her a fantastic new life.

Wendy – a 1 year old English Setter who was sadly hit by a car. The accident resulted in a broken hind leg that her owner could not afford the vet bill for. He originally wanted her to be euthanized, but he ended up surrendering her to the vet. The vet called us asking for help for Wendy, and we took her to a specialist for the surgery. Her leg couldn’t be saved and was amputated, and the veterinarian fostered her while she recovered. We never got to see much of Wendy because the vet decided that they could not live without her and adopted her!

Ben and Jerry – brothers were abandoned at the Pound at only 6 months old. Both dogs had severe mange, covered in scabs with almost no hair on their bodies. Both dogs would have been put to sleep since mange is both time consuming and expensive to treat. We took both dogs and after a long recovery both of them turned out to be handsome young dogs and were adopted by wonderful families.    

Patty was dumped at the Animal Shelter with a severe leg injury. She was lying in the cage with a dirty old bandage, falling off of her hind leg. Her tendon was severed and she had major leg abrasions. The Shelter did nothing but ignore her for her entire stay and when we found her she was soaked with urine and feces. We immediately had her seen by two Veterinarians who determined that she needed an orthopedic specialist. Further examination showed that the ligaments could no longer be attached and a plate was necessary. The surgery on her leg cost over $1,700.00, which has depleted our emergency fund.  Patty got a home with an incredible caring adopter.

Darla is a 10 year old cocker spaniel found wandering on the streets of the city. She was blind in one eye with severe glaucoma and to make it even worse she was riddled with mammary tumors.   We had to have one of her eyes removed and all of her mammary glands taken out as well. The procedures cost us over $2,900.00.  Both Surgeries were a success and a full recovery was made. With her clean bill of health, she was adopted to a great family with another Cocker Spaniel.  

Sarge is a 15 year old Chihuahua. This old man was surrendered by his owner to the Animal Shelter. Due to this poor little guys age he was not doing well in the shelter, so we took him and brought him to our veterinarian, where he was diagnosed with a grade 2 heart murmur with an ultrasound confirming the diagnosis. This poor little guy also ended up having rotting teeth, which required him to have an emergency dental with 10 extractions, bringing his overall Veterinary total to over $1,200,00.  

Angie was a 6 month old Pitbull. A good Samaritan took her from a person trying to sell her on the street for 50 dollars. The little puppy was in poor shape; dirty, underweight, and her whole body covered in open wounds and scabs. We saw here sitting in the cage and was told that she would be euthanized, rather than take the time to treat scarcoptic mange. We could not turn a blind eye to her. Six months of intensive treatment later, Angie was almost 100% recovered and adopted out by a wonderful family in spite of her rough start. She is now doing fantastic and is being loved and smothered with affection by her forever family.  

Boo is an 8 year old Dachshund that was owner surrendered by his owner to the Animal Shelter. This little dog was discovered by us while doing a walk through. There was Boo, sitting in his cage, in plain view, was a horrible abscess that had burst open. It was sad that nobody had seen this, since the dog had already been there for 7 days.  It was very costly and was about $1,000.00 for the surgery and post-surgery medication. Boo has made a full recovery and was adopted by his forever home.  

Jaxie – 1 year old pit bull that was found wondering on the streets. She was emaciated and only weighed 22 pounds, which in realty she should have weighed 45 to 50 pounds. This poor girl was skin and bones, dirty, and had sores on her feet with poor little hips. The shelter was going to euthanize her rather than rehabilitate her. We took her in and cleaned her up and provided her with the food, time, and TLC that she so desperately needed. A few months went by and with all the care she finally weighed a whopping 52 pounds and had finally found a forever family and home with kids that loved her dearly.

Jamison – We received an urgent email from Animal Control that Jamison had to leave the shelter immediately because of a broken leg or he was going to be euthanized. We convinced them to stabilize him until our vet arrived on Monday and his broken leg was treated. He also was a cryptorchid which required additional surgery. Jamison got a home within days of his cast being removed.

Daddy – an owner surrendered 7 year old Chow Chow who unfortunately tested positive for Heartworm, Lyme disease, and Anaplasmosis. He is right in the middle of this heartworm treatment which has cost over $1800 to date. He has found a loving home with a Chow lover.

Max – another Scarcoptic Mange project with 7 months of care and rehabilitation. He made a full recovery and found a wonderful home.