Donate Car for Dog Charity

Donating My Car to Car Donation Angels; Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For Charity

For animal lovers in California, helping shelter pets and animal rescue has always been a favorite cause. I have personally volunteered to help homeless pets since I was about 16 years old, and it’s been a most rewarding things that I have ever done.

I felt that I had to do something more than just donate a few dollars at the next pet adoption event and I already have 2 rescue dogs and 3 rescued cats. So I went on the website CARDONATIONANGELS.ORG and decided it was time to donate my car.

I have owned my 2005 Honda Accord for years and letting it go was a difficult decision, but the fact that I get to help homeless pets and get a great tax deduction helped make it so much easier.

The truth is, my poor car has seen better days. The simple fact was that it was more costly to make the necessary repairs to make it safe for the road and my family than to do one last good thing with it.

So I decided to go forward and honor dogs and cats needing homes. I picked up the phone and called them at (833) 772-2632. It was a simple and painless process. Car Donation Angels were actually really helpful with my questions and before I knew it, my car was ready to be picked up. It was ready to go.

All I had to do was sign my title and leave it and the keys in the car. The tow truck came and picked it up and that was it. It seemed so hard to let go at first, but now that my car is in a better place and hopefully some dogs and cats are too — I couldn’t have been happier.

The money generated will benefit many shelter pets.  I promise you that the experience is easy and worth it. All in all, I spent maybe a 20 minutes of my life dealing with the process. I think I may have spent more time writing this, and it was worth every minute along the way.