Dog Pits

You have two options: The first is to ignore the phone call you get at your door. The second is to call the dog pound in your area and ask them if they can help you. If you decide to ignore the call, be sure that you know how to do so, as it could cost you thousands of dollars in vet bills.

Some people just call the animal control officer to try to save their dog from a dog pound. Others will decide that there is no hope and walk into a dog pound.

Before you make the decision to take your dog to a dog pound, make sure that you check into your options. There are many kinds of dog pounds. The first is a puppy mill.

Dog Pound – If you go to puppy mills, you might get a puppy. This may seem like a good choice because dogs are often healthy and the price is right. However, a puppy mill will not have any paperwork for health care or the proper health testing standards.

Mini Mill – In most cases, these are smaller dogs that are unhealthy. They are not healthy and usually will have severe dog problems. If you go to a mini-mill, you are risking the health of your dog and the life of your pet.

Senior Animal Shelter – These are dogs that are euthanized because they are too old to live a long and happy life. These are dogs that were too ill to live a longer life and there was no one else willing to adopt them. An elderly dog is probably not going to live a normal life either, so this is not the choice you want to make.

Humane Society – This option costs a lot less than the other options, but not by much. These dogs are taken care of by someone else and are then put up for adoption. Not all humane societies are run the same way and it pays to check into the organization to make sure that it is reputable.

Other Options – If you decide that you need to take your dog to a dog pound, you may want to think about the other options available. Check into veterinary hospitals that are approved by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). Vet hospitals that are approved by the AAFP are always clean and caring. These hospitals also offer medical testing and health care to their animals.

Check into the animal shelters to see if they can help you make sure that your dog’s life will be taken care of. Also, check into feral cat shelters to see if they are willing to help you take care of your cat or dog.

You will find out how to help a dog when you call a dog pound. You may find that your pet is very sick or that he or she will have difficulty getting treatment. Either way, you will be able to do something about it before it is too late.

Call your local Humane Society to make sure that your dog will be taken care of. You may be able to save your dog’s life and ensure that he or she can move on with his or her life.

You should be able to find out more information about your local Humane Society on the internet. This will make your visit easier because you will be able to contact someone who is in charge of taking care of your dog, and you may find out whether or not you want to take your dog to a dog pound.