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How a Retiring Investor Saved Big on Taxes by Donating His Commercial Properties

Donating commercial real estate to charity John, a successful real estate investor and property manager from New Jersey, was nearing retirement age. As such, his large portfolio of commercial holdings was getting much too much to manage. At the same time, John unable to sell the properties for a price that satisfied him. After getting […]

Long Distance Property Management or Donation?

Donating residential rental property An Illinois doctor purchased a residential investment property in Wisconsin in 2017. He managed to have it rented out to a tenant, but was saddled with property maintenance and taxes, all of which he had to manage from far away in another state. Doc had the property listed with a local […]

A Headache Property Turned Into A Good Deed

Donating land for tax write off Dwayne, down in Jacksonville, Florida, bought a piece of land not far from his home. His plan was to build a larger home for himself. But in time Dwayne realized his plans just weren’t going to materialize. He put the property up for sale. Dwayne had high hopes, but […]